• College of Engineering

    College of Engineering consists of  4 departments and 1 school such as department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Urban and Environmental Engineering, School of Energy and Chemical Engineering etc. College of Engineering programs are driven strongly by top-notch research areas of the school focusing on advanced environmental analysis. Also,  The School of Energy and Chemical Engineering was designed for an emerging field combining chemical engineering principles with research about energy conversion and storage. The field of Energy and Chemical Engineering encompasses a wide range of interests including green chemical processes, chemical engineering, advanced materials, energy conversion and storage.

  • College of Information-Bio Convergence Engineering

    College of Information-Bio Convergence Engineering is dedicated to educating students in interdisciplinary scholarship that will serve for our future society. Our teaching and research take places in interdisciplinary programs and institutes where traditional departmental boundaries are things of the past. Our mission is to provide enabling technologies for the future way of life through the convergence of electrical and computer engineering with new nano, bio, and environmental technologies. Also, College of Information-Bio Convergence Engineering provides programs that foster creative global students that pioneer high-tech medical technology areas and biological sciences which are key components in future science technology fields.

  • College of Natural Sciences

    College of Natural Sciences offers three tracks, namely, Mathematical Sciences, Physics and Chemistry. We believes that the mutual synergy between science and technology will form the basis for an economically and politically sustainable society and strives to contribute to our society in such a manner through academic excellence. College of natural Sciences pursues to train global leaders that will play a pivotal role in our society through advances achieved in natural sciences and their applications.

  • School of Business Administration

    The School of Business Administration(SBA) offers various academic tracts in General Management, Entrepreneurship, Finance & Accounting, Marketing & International Business. By majoring in SBA, students are provided with the frontiers of theory and practical knowledge in business and technology management.

  • School of Liberal Arts

    School of Liberal Arts(SLA) is responsible for students’ general cultural education during their freshmen year. SLA offers courses in Mathematics and basic sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) as well as basic IT and management courses that provide a solid foundation for students when they study major fields of their choice. In order to cultivate a wide intellectual horizon, an innovative creativity, and a harmonious personality for each student we offer essential courses in humanities, social sciences, English, and arts.